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The place for playing around with the wiki syntax, memes, and silly things.

Out of Context IC quotes

Lorelei: “What do you think is going to kill us first?”
The Warden: “What's likely to kill you? Each other.”

Keegan: Harper you're in prison nobody cares

Harper: Keegan, I am attempting to have the opposite of an identity crisis here. Could you not at least try to play ball?

Lamaze: I rather like my face the way it is.
Christina: Some people might call that being vain.

Harper: Uh, no, Keegan. You throw yourself at shittiness, and you end up covered head to toe in shit. It's a hygiene thing.

Lamaze: …I'd really rather not face Winter's wrath. I left my coat at home.

Yuri Tenaka: It would seem as though my humour was stored in my left eye.

Lamaze: T-Elysians. TElysians. That's what you guys are. Its way better like that.
Yuri: That is not our name, you stupid Tel. We are the True Elysians, and you do not shorten that.
Lamaze: Fine, how about acronyms? You're the True Elysian Leader, right? That makes you the TEL! No, you're the TEL!

Lorelei: I don't know. Harper, have you been experiencing a psychological breakdown ever since you arrived here?
Harper: … Yes???
Segal: And you've been getting progressively louder about it.

Dr Greco: Subcut cyberclaw murderpaste it is.

Dr Greco: I should weigh your friend. Hope you sewed the guts up right!

Lamaze: So in order to appease the doctor we need to provide them with either cake or death.

Zhar Ro: Zhou Ba is dead!
La Ma: I know, I performed the autopsy.
Zhar Ro: And what did you discover?
La Ma:… He was stabbed.

(REDACTED)1): A wildly ineffective, falsely-advertised geranium2)

Out of Context OC quotes

Start of Email OC
… and I look forward to roleplaying with you
End of Email IC
I could give two shits about you

“I was thinking about (overly complex murder plan), but that might be too complicated so I should probably just stab him”

Jay (concerning Lorelei): Aww. Serial killer probs.

“What I'm hearing is you have an appointment with Dr Greco about that knee.”
“He's fairly instant you are on the books, you shouldn't miss another check up.”
“No! I don't trust that man!”
“….I don't trust that man!!!!”
“You sound paranoid. Maybe you should see a psychiatrist… like Dr Greco!”

…It should be fine if my hand does the talking.

“'Hello hansom' … that doesn't look right”
“Isn't that one of Mike's NPCs?”

Dave: [we're] pretty white boys with tragic backstories that suggest we don't deserve all this shit despite our obvious privilege and actual wrongdoing
Matilda: hey now, hey now.
Dave: okay, my obvious wrongdoing.

GM: Some arms are more broken than others. You have the nice kind of broken arm!

Emma: Okay, when it's MACBETH you're invoking, you know the reasoning got skewed somewhere along the way…
Morgan: yeah, this is why I needed for both Emma and Harper to recognize the source
Michael: In universe, it's a Rom Com

Group action titles for this GM meeting so far, in order:

  • Workgroup 1
  • Kill (REDACTED1)
  • Workgroup 2
  • Kill (REDACTED2)
  • Workgroup 3
  • Kill (REDACTED3)
  • Install cybernetics
  • Workgroup 4
  • Kill (REDACTED4)
  • Workgroup 5

Unnamed GM: I think I must have boobed it! ←- Everyone can guess who this is, Mike. Everyone3). -GM Amy

Hannah: It's not incompetence. IT'S MALICE.

A GM, shortly before Session 5: A section on religious attitudes to death has been added to the [Tel religious brief], as that seems relevant…

Nothing quite as romantic as crying over the friends whose bodies you just desecrated! Together!

GM Cameron: Honestly, with the number of stairs that people keep falling down, you'd think this prison was designed by M.C.Esher.

Idan: I won't be able to participate next session, I think I'll just ask Ai Lah and Xix Chil to tell La Ma What to do
GMs: Oh, I wouldn't be so sure of that…
Idan, upon reading the turnsheet: Oh $#^&

Emma: I totally need to get on that ship.
George: You're already on all the ships.

Jay:Why does everyone I care about lick me?
Emma: Aaw, you care about me.

Amy: Oh no the True Elysians are winning :'( :'( damn them and their exams and American roadtrips

GM: I'm not writing the geranium action, I'm morally opposed to it after stroking it in session

GM: I think it's hilarious you're trying to preserve my anonymity when it's boobs and geraniums.

Rose: It turns out that the monsters you adopted we the friends you made along the way.

Idan: Now ALL my friends are dead!

Incorrect Quotes

Note: these are repurposed quotes from popular fiction; accuracy is unnecessary!

Verm: What has this place done to you?
Harper: You have no idea.
(Guard points at Harper.)
Guard: Fight Club.
Harper: Now you have some idea.

Nexus moto: Flesh is a prison.

Zhou Ba: As much as I would love to engage you in a battle of wits, I make it a point not to go against an unarmed opponent.

Lamaze: I did what I had to do in order to feed my family! …It was a small family but a family non-the-less!

Some guard: How can you possibly justify coldblooded murder?
Athena: I prefer to think of it as redistribution of matter.

Many people: Hey, Andras, why are we fighting?
Andras: For the joy of it. For the sheer unholy fucken delight of it. Can’t you feel the joy in your own veins, rising like the sap in the springtime?

Segal, on the topic of Harper: that's absolutely right, Winter should have shot them in the mouth, that would've shut them up

Harper: Oh, life is a glorious cycle of song,
A medley of extemporanea;
And love is a thing that can never go wrong;
And I am Marie of Romania.

Harper: I personally don't think it's possible to come up with a crazier plan.
Lorelei: We attack Tharaldson with hummus.
Harper: I stand corrected.
Harper: Of course! That's it! We'll attack him with germs.
Keegan: Great! We'll get him cornered and then you can sneeze on him.
Harper: No! No. We'll get a container of Ebola virus and… and… or, it doesn't even have to be real. We can get a box that says Ebola on it and… um… chase him! (silence) With the box.
Andras: I'm starting to lean towards the Hummus Offensive.
Lorelei: They'll never see it coming.

La Ma Ze: As a wise man once said “If you don't get caught, you deserve everything you steal.”

Jeremiah: What have we always said is the most important thing?
Harper: Breakfast!
Jeremiah: …No. Family.
Harper: Oh right! I thought you meant of the things you eat.

Keegan: If I come over there, there are gonna be two sounds: me hitting you…twice.

Lorelei: As a psychologist…
Harper: Serial killer.
Lorelei: …I hereby offer my licensed…
Harper: Suspended.
Lorelei: …services as a grief counsellor.
Harper: Grief causer.

Aanya Khatri: Give me liberty. I do not feel that you should be given a second option here.

Elysian Government: It's a prank, bro! It's a social experiment!

Harper: So I was sitting in my cell today, and I realized, ever since I went to prison, every single day of my life has been worse than the day before it. So that means that every single day that you see me, that’s on the worst day of my life.

Lorelei: So how do the Tel treat prisoners?
Zhar Ro: Much better than this. We have this little thing called “Human Rights”, I'm sure that as an Elysian, you've never heard of it?
Lorelei: Oh I've heard of it, we got rid of them a few centuries ago.

Lorelei: If it cannot break out of its shell, the chick will die without ever being born. We are the chick. The world is our egg. If we don't crack the world's shell, we will die without ever truly being born. Smash the world's shell. FOR THE REVOLUTION OF THE WORLD!

Avery: You're dying.
Nick: I know.
Avery: You'd rather die than fail? What have you become, Nicholas? The things you've done, that's not who you are. It's not you.
Nick: I always had it in me, to make the hard decisions. I have reasons. Good reasons.
Avery: To hurt people? Are you sure? You tell yourself my death gave you courage. In truth, it made you callous. You're not the man I knew.
Nick: He died with you.
Avery: I was never your conscience, Nicholas. You still have one of your own. You just need to listen to it. Don't let what happened to me change you this way. It's nobody's fault.
Rush: I know… I know that.
Avery: Why are you here, Nick?
Nick: Because this is what happened.
Avery: You have work to do; go do it.
Nick: I am doing it. It doesn't seem to matter where I am.
Avery: You have the chance to change so many things. The one thing you can't change is what's happened to me. Don't let that hold you back.
[Nick closes his notebook, stands and takes Avery's hand]
Avery: When the time comes I'll be there.

Athena: Out of the way sixes. A ten is talking.

Athena: I love all of my children equally. |Earlier that day| I don't care for Harper.

La Ma: Tall tailed Tel tell tall tales. Try saying that six times fast.

Andras: There is no “overkill.” There is only “open fire” and “time to reload.”

Kayyali: I used to be a crook like you, but then I took a bullet to the knee.

Redemption: The Musical -

Prison PA Announcements

“Prisoner 616 report to the exercise yard. Summoning prisoner 616 to the exercise yard”

Terrible puns and jokes you just can't help but Tel

The Glorious Council would like your attention for an important public safety announcement.

I can pass for an Elysian, because I don't have the normal Tels.

What's the opposite of a good Elysian? A True one.

What is a True Elysian? A patriotic traitor.

I don't like you, in case you couldn't Tel.

How do you stargaze? With a Tel-escope!

What do you call a prisoner who gets paid to let people spend the night in their cell? A hoe-Tel! 4)

What do you call a Tel autobiography?
A joke that writes itself

Hear the one about the translator? He got fired because he couldn't tell his arse from his Telbau

Why was the crow arrested?
He was part of a murder.


Shipping Forecast

And now the Shipping Forecast, issued by the Redemption Reform Facility on behalf of the Exagora Development Committee at 0100 today.

Tether Station, Exagora. Easterly veering downwards, Severe Kessler 9. Good to deadly.

Station Red, Exagora. Easterly backing north and veering south, 6 to 7. Occasional rain, moderate to poor.

Can't Disguise My Feelings/Shot Through The Heart Foot: Harper/Keegan

  • I'm now imagining Keegan punching “Harper <3 Keegan” on someone's face

Don't Shoot Me Baby: Kayyali/Kneecaps

Tel me you love my puns: Yuri/LaMaZe

Harsher: Harper/Asher Segal

Killer Crochet: Avery/Ai Lah

Wallflower: Ai Lah/La Ma

Through Heaven or Hell: Dri Po/Zhar Ro

Dating Programme: Zhou Ba/Agnostino

Build An Armada: Emma/ballgowning5)

StarryeyedStar-crossed: Dri Po/Zhou Ba

I'm not in this for your revolution: Lorelei/Harper

Wild Mass-Guessing

This is the section where we wildly guess at what might have possibly happened, giving reasons for the loss in communication ranging from plausible to silly, from memes to in-jokes.

  1. Aliens. They wish to study us without the risk of communications getting back to the rest of humanity. They will at first observe us, perhaps kidnapping a few people in secret at first, before increasing the scale of their operation. By the time help comes, we'll all have vanished from the planet without a trace on the alien's research ships.
  2. Apparitions. Prepare to face your worst nightmares!
  3. The spirit of b-Exagora taking revenge for being terraformed.
  4. The Elysian government has picked our prison to star in the latest reality TV show. All of our collars are fitted with hidden cameras and microphones and are recording everything, and storing it in a special black box somewhere on the planet, from which it can later be recovered. For added realism, the guards do not know this either.
  5. One of the factions is orchestrating a prison coup, so that they may build a criminal empire with this world as their capital. Non of the PCs in that faction have the necessary clearance to know of this plan.
    1. Or they do, but they're just not telling you…
  6. The link was disrupted by the FTL shock-waves from the explosion of the Princess.

True Elysians

Rejected Tel Names

  • One Tel Ah Ah Ah
  • Zi Swa Za Tri Umf
  • Sti Ling Iz Ac Rime
  • Ohn O Uv Bin Spu Kyd
  • Fus Ro Da!
  • Li Sto Zer Ka Rak Terz Yu Eks Pekt Tu Bi
  • Ai Am Ay Pri Z Na
  • Ey Bi Si Di Ee Ef Jee Ache Ai Jay Kay El Em En Oh Pi Que Ar Es Tee You Vi Ex Wai Zed
  • Zis Is Stu Pid
  • El Li Si Ans Ar Stu Peed
  • Tel Vic Tor Ri In Eh Vi Tebl
  • Sum Bo Di Thin Cov Di Chil Dren
  • Do Rei Mi Fa Soe Lah Tee Do
  • Do Ah Dir Ah Fee Mayl Dir
  • Rei Ah Dro Pov Gol Den Sun
  • Dey Al Di Zerf Tu Di
  • Wor Nev Va Chayn Jez
  • This Iz Anne Ack Sep Tebl
  • Sow Meh Ni Puns
  • Ai Shood Bi Ri Vy Zing
  • Yu Gi Vluv6)
  • Nev Ar Gonn A Giv Yu Upp

There were also lots of genuine rejected Tel names with lots more consonants. Apparently the other GMs don't like consonant clusters as much as I do. — GM Andrew

  • Po Khe Pfob Gmu Voi Rozh
  • Fna Ner Tlu Grik Shŋa Dzu Zmyi Vo Um
  • No Sŋav Zhrom Shmeif Tŋezh Ŋizh Zlo Tŋikh Uib
  • Tliosh Dma Ve Ŋash Ir
  • Dvnom Trim Ben Khram Kkhne Slam Khaf Tat Vle Pron Uik
  • Sha Gno Do Nys Khraŋ Vme

Literal Tel name translations

These are almost certainly not what the players intended, and aren't exactly canon. dashes are for names which don't actually mean anything, and brackets are used for definitions for words which can't be translated as 1 word.

(I have of course had to round some of the names to adjusted spellings and approximate various bits)

What language are you using? -Idan

  • a slight variant on Lojban (its actual system for names is somewhat more restrictive, but it was changed to make it OC easier).

I'm probably betraying my complete lack of knowledge of Lojban here, but does Telbau have different pronouns for different levels of formality? Or would the name system make that redundant? -FW

  • It doesn't, but there are other ways of indicating deference (not so much formality, although I suppose some level of variation depending on formality is inevitable). —GM Andrew
Name Translation
Zhar Ro Zhist Vrak Resistant All — —
Sho Nust Sars Shin (a bit like “of”) — — Sexuality
I Teyk Ngalsh Kel Dzhon (full stop) — Wing Play —7)
Ai Lah En Rizh Yul Vo Kahl (intent) (proper noun article) — Silver — 4 Eye
Dri Po Val Nox Vas Kat Sad (owned by) Word — Contain Hunt
Env Do Jhyl Dri — You — Sad
La Ma Ze Ko Re Li (proper noun article) What 7 (you, imperative) 2 (number article)
Xix Chil Ah Torh Kai — Detail Or Short (characteristic of)
Jhou Ba Lan Dorh Tru Iff (future tense) Sheep Day Ruler
Stah Ye Jeh Sii Ko Remain (agreement) (days, unit of time) (ignore previous word) (you, imperative)
Kvash Leyh Tu Ruz Druy — (definite article for masses) (that, pronoun) — roof/lid
Ta Dur Duzh Ik Bhazh (medium range indicative pronoun) Winter Freeze — Run
And the titles (actually chosen for their meanings)
Zhun know
Shre expert
Lizh religion8)
Pav 1
Rel 2
Shib 3

A List of Trustworthy People you should Totally Trust


GMs fix images plx. Literally unplayable

This Is War

So, does anyone remember how, several years ago, tumblr was clogged with gifsets of various characters matched to the descriptors in 30 Seconds to Mars' This is War?

A link to the song, for those of you who do not:

Lyrics too:

So, let's answer the perennial question: who is the soldier, the civilian and the martyr? Tag your characters! (Feel free to go for multiples.)

Harper Lockwood - the Civilian
Christina Keegan - the Victor
Imogen Childs - the Soldier
Aanya Khatri - the Leader
James 'Scuzz' Anderson - the Martyr
Lorelei Wildner - the Prophet
Stah Ye - the Liar
Avery Russell - the Victim
Alethea Rucker - the Messiah
Nicholas Russell - the Pariah
Mortimer Sykes - the Liar/Pariah

Quotes about Redemption

Scuzz, on Redemption radio:

Hello and welcome to redemption radio, now broadcasting for the first time station wide, I’m your host, the redeemer.


We are all of us worthy of redemption, we should kick the shit out of the guards, and take over this place. We should take that supply ship when it arrives, and we should get out of here, go our separate ways and go live life, before the government come here and take this little corner of the galaxy away from us, just like they take everything else. The only way we can do this is if we stop fighting each other, we gotta work together, else we’ll be trapped floatin’ on this rock forever, and I for one have had enough of protein cubes. What say you!? Peace amongst prisoners is the first step to our freedom.

Harper, in their post-Exagora broadcast: “Because, hey. If a small, unwashed collection of lowlife felons dying of super-tuberculosis in spacefuck oblivion can achieve redemption, then what can two entire civilisations do?

“My guess is, anything.”

Lorelei, post-riot: “We are the endless tide of instinct and rage beneath the shells your governments have the audacity to tell you are real. We are b-Exagora made manifest, world-worm, glorious and undulating! Through our hands, this galaxy will know – Redemption! ”

Amy, trying to mimic George in Eternity: “It will be torment, they were promised, but you will rejuvenate: juvenate: retrouve the juvenile, for it is in juvenility, it is in the emergence of the instinct, it is in the return to the primitive, that you will find redemption.”

La Ma: Don't let the name fool you: this is not a place for redemption. Not a place to start upon the straight and narrow path. Prison changes you, sure, but into a monster, not a man. “Redemption Reform Facility” is a sick joke.

1) feel free to add your name here if this was you
2) I probably ought to be ashamed of taking the credit for this - EB
3) I can't
4) feel free to reword the question part, I know its bad…
5) and/or shipping
6) a bad name
7) Now I've worked this out it makes me regret not choosing something for its meaning
8) sort of
9) Dead prisoners Tel no tales
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