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Whether you sniff it, smoke it, eat it or shove it up your ass, the risks are the same; overdose and addiction

Drugs have existed for countless generations, from chemical to biological and now technological. Like in any prison, drugs are quite hard to come by. Of course the Doctor will have medicine for healing a wound, stitching up a limb, and medication for the pain, but there are other ways of getting drugs for example as a Luxury Item, knowing others who have the drugs, or becoming friends with the guards, and in particular one correctional officer, Riley Cole. Availability varies between drugs.

Drug Information


It's coursing through my mind; I can see everything… It's so blissful.

  • Benefit: You are intensely focused on any task you set your mind to. The euphoric effects make this a sought-after experience.
  • Drawback: It will be impossible to distract you. The return to sobriety is harrowing.
  • Duration of effect: 30 minutes
  • Withdrawal: Many cases have been reported of sufferers not being able to close their eyes. The eyeballs becoming drier and could cause blindness if left untreated. Additionally, a powerful craving descends a few hours afterwards.
  • Availability: Common


Feel the rush of the silver blood pulsating.

  • Benefit: You have better control of your cybernetics, and considerably improved reaction speed using them. Sense cybernetics are also amped up.
  • Drawback: There is a small risk of overdose overloading your cybernetics, with potential of malfunction and too much information for your brain to process.
  • Duration of effect: 2 Days
  • Withdrawal: You feel like your cybernetics are getting rusty, and underpowered.
  • Availability: Common

Rainbow Mithra

Do you remember her singing? I felt her vocals touch my soul, body and mind.

  • Benefit: Enhanced Senses for one action (cannot be used with cybernetics).
  • Drawback: Having super powered senses—if an alarm goes off, you'll be on the floor clutching your ears.
  • Duration of effect: 3 Days
  • Withdrawal: You feel like you are being isolated from the world. You struggle to notice anything happening more than a few metres away.
  • Availability: Rare—it is a plant-based drug and must be grown.


That burning pain… Obliterated. That bleeding wound… Irrelevant. Stride ahead, hero, for mere pain cannot hold you back!

  • Benefit: All physical wound penalties are greatly reduced.
  • Drawback: Wounds will return when you stop taking this. You are more likely to hurt yourself without any pain to warn you.
  • Duration of effect: 12 Hours
  • Withdrawal: Wounds shall come back once you stop taking. Past wounds and any additional current ones.
  • Availability: Easily Available


The Gods have looked upon me and chosen their champion.

  • Benefit: You are stronger, faster and plain physically better while under the effects of the drug (does not affect your cybernetic components).
  • Drawback: There's always a moderate risk of overdose, which isn't a pretty sight.
  • Duration of effect: 2 hours
  • Withdrawal: Uncommon Withdrawl, Overdose Common
  • Availability: Uncommon

How Drugs Work with Turnsheeting

Drugs that your character has obtained may be taken as part of a major or minor action. If you're just attempting to avoid withdrawal effects, a minor action to take it is sufficient for the turn. If you're using the drug's benefit as part of your plan for a major action, you should specify when you take it, taking into account the duration.

Acquiring the Addiction (-2) quality is not guaranteed. Chances of becoming addicted vary by drug, but increase with the number of times the drug is taken. More Drugs = Higher Chance of Addiction.

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