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“One for All, All for One, Joy and Transcendence to the NEXUS”
—The last words spoken by Prophet Newton, on her death bed in 510PE.


10 Exodus Ships left the Homeworld. Six Survived, Four were lost. One to War, One to Earth, and One lost in Time, and One faded into Legends — Nursery Rhyme taught to Elysian Children.

After the Elysians and other five ships made a home, there was a pond of discovery waiting for all of them and many travelled to the stars. They came back with information about the lost ships. One was lost to the Homeworld, one settled on a deadly planet, one was sucked into a black hole, another was lost to infighting, and another simply vanished into the depths of space.

In the year 250PE, scientists of the Consortium picked up a signal that had come from the edge of known space. The signal was from the Exodus Ship Protus, which had vanished into darkness. The location of the signal came from a lone planet circling a dwarf star. Explorers found ruins of a large city surrounded by a network of habitats. Data banks were recovered and they discovered that the Protus had somehow found itself far away from its original destination. The ship landed on the planet, and the people named themselves Proteans of the Planet Pandeia.

It was discovered that the Proteans had achieved great technological breakthroughs, especially making great strides in cybernetics. They had created a peaceful community, with a synchronized mind, creating a hive mind that they named Nexus.

They made augmentations to their physical bodies with cybernetics to live longer. They created satellites to travel outwards into the unknown to find the other Exodus ships, but all they found was darkness. These satellites keep flying outwards to the potential systems of the other Exodus ships.

Three centuries into their life, the Proteans discovered that their sun was exhibiting strange mood swings, releasing solar storms. They had the technology to protect themselves, but they knew sooner or later, one would destroy the system.

They decided they needed to be sure that their legacy would not perish with them. They left a database full of their cybernetics designs, history, culture and the original black box of the ship Protus. It is written they uploaded all of their brain patterns onto a central server, located away from the data banks. The information of the Server was not updated in the logs, and historians can only speculate what actually was inside the Nexus.

As the Proteans had predicted, a system wide solar storm erupted. The Data Banks were stored and protected, the Central Server not so much—what is left is a charred ruin. That was the end of the Proteans. All that remained of them was their ruins on the lone planet, their data banks, and their forgotten satellites, with the first one beaming a signal that was discovered.

picture by Kilian Eng

It took a good century of research to understand the information, for technology to have a breakthrough. Augmentation through cybernetics achieved new heights in the year 350PE. This cybernetic development was known as the “Silver Wave”. Augmentations were developed to replace lost limbs, organs and senses. Experiments in cybernetics for the brain have not yet been replicated—despite many attempts, often fatal.

In the year 375PE, an Archaeologist by the name of Elizabeth Newton studied the history of Protus and delved deeper into their pursuit of a higher plane of existence, the use of technology and their belief system. She believed that their human conscience could in turn be uploaded to this Nexus in time, with enough breakthroughs and upgrades in cybernetics and technology. She created an order that focused on the advancement of technology. NEXUS spread its seeds and rooted into the Elysian Empire, the Tel, the Consortium, Zarrik, Lontar, and Bel-Ashan, with its members working for all sectors.

They strive towards achieving their goal, getting their technology level to a point where they can ascend to the Nexus. Elizabeth was the face, the Prophet of the Nexus, spreading the word far and wide. She used cybernetics to extend her life as much as possible, but her body could not withstand the sands of time. Her body is cryogenically frozen at the Temple of NEX on the discovered planet, which lies under the Newton Institute.

The current head of NEXUS has said that the order is a belief, a pursuit of a higher form of technology. Augmentation is a major factor; we are evolving our humanity. Every aspect of human life can be enhanced. Stronger arms and legs, enhanced thinking, faster reactions, and increased lifespan.

“Imagine a world where you sustain an injury, and that part is then simply replaced, no long recovery periods, no medication, no staying on a ward while you heal”

—Lady Newton the Third, CEO of Atlas Health, a major pharmacocybernetics company.

Many NEXUS members are willing to sacrifice anything for the advancement of technology; many have no moral opposition towards the unethical testing on humans and animals, discarding such views as emotional arguments. They are equally willing to use their own bodies for the advancement of technology. Of course, not all members are such forward thinkers: others focus on assisting humanity with technology.

Who Can Join

Anyone can join Nexus, 99% of its members do have cybernetics but it's not mandatory. They pursue the advancement of technology. Those who have don't have any cybernetic implants are typically pushing their body to their limits before adding an augmentation where they break the barrier.

The Nexus Core

Little information is provided in the data banks from the race, but it speaks of a different plane of reality; the final place for ascension by humanity once they have achieved a level of technology that can make them gods.

In the Prison

Within Redemption, members of Nexus are a combination of cybernetic users and technophiles. Join if you wish to upgrade humanity to a higher form of tech.

There is a form of hierarchy, with the Prophet controlling and helping push Nexus upwards and outwards. There are countless men and women known as Priors who travel everywhere and anywhere spreading the word of Nexus. And Paladins who overlook and look after those who own cybernetics as all of them are gateways to the Nexus. Paladins are usually considered bastions of authority and strength, as they are to help, improve and protect.

Prisoners of Note

  • Magnus N Gail The devious, mischievous and sadistic leader of Nexus. Like their rival in the Creed, Aina, Magnus is known for two things. Firstly, for their love and dedication to Nexus and the pursuit of organic crossover with technology. And secondly, their devious demeanor that has the calming aura of a leader, yet the terrifying presence of a torture master. They are here due to their horrific crimes against nature.
  • Bino Aray: Hard to miss Bino. Their body is more composed of cybernetics than actual human flesh. They are the Information Port of Cybernetics, as they are the encyclopedia of technology.
  • Maz Ka Rost - A Tel whose sole wish is to achieve a combined state of technology and humanity where she create a Hive Mind, with her being the Queen. Her theory was on the right track, using the voting implants in Tel citizens, but the practical application was decades away, and she was caught in the process.

Attitudes towards other gangs

  • Creed of the Immaculate: “Devastating individuals for those without cybernetics, but they are pure, and ripe for the experimentation.”
  • The Coalition of Political Prisoners & Prisoners of War: “Governments have allowed us to use them as materials.”
  • True Elysians: “Other governments have allowed us to use them as materials.”
  • Sovereign Family: “They accept us for who we are, and have been allies in the past.”
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