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Maz Ka Rost - The Queen

Maz Ka Rost, or as she is better known as the Queen. Born on the Tel Planet, she rose up through the ranks quickly, becoming a High Ranking Intelligence Officer. Her work allowed her to travel on ships and discover many cultures. She fell in love with the belief of Nexus and saw what they were creating.

Coming back home, she focused on creating a hive mind. It was centuries away, but she would do what she can. She used many test subjects, Tel and Enemies alike. She focused on using the voting implants as a gateway to the nerve pathways to the brain. She had the theory and equations, but practically was too far away.

She was caught as a Prisoner of War, by the Elysian when she used their fellow men as subjects, by using their cybernetic implants to combine with Tel cybernetics. It did not work out well.

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