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Character Creation

Even though the game has already started, you're still welcome to contact us to create a character if you want to join in.

Who are you?

The first thing to think about is to ask yourself what sort of character you want to be: a guns-blazing armed robber who got a little too daring with their latest bank heist, an expert hacker who drew too much attention to themselves, a Tel politician who was captured in battle, an innocent bystander who was in the wrong place at the wrong time, or many other concepts. The possibilities are nearly endless.

There are only a few limits to what your character can be. You must have been convicted of a crime that got you sent to the Redemption Reform Facility and you must be from the Elysian Empire (or a member of the Tel with the appropriate quality).

Having a solid idea of who your character is and what their goals are can be really helpful to get the most out of a society game, as it helps you know how they will react when faced with hardship, and gives you something to work towards if you are struggling to find things to do.


Once you have decided about these details, you will need to sum them up in the form of a background. This will only be visible to you and the GMs. This doesn't have to be too long1), but it should give us (the GMs) a sense of your character, and importantly cover any details that are important to your character that may not be obvious from the Qualities and Criminal Profile on your character sheet.

Note that while you are a member of Work Group Zero, your character will not know what the selection process is for this work group, so you will not need to justify in your backstory how you ended up as part of it (although your character is more than welcome to speculate on this matter).


If your character is in any gangs, specify which, and whether you are doing anything underhand (i.e. lying, bribing) to get in. There may be options to be in multiple gangs, but you will have to provide an explanation for how your character makes this work.


Qualities represent aspects of your character, from the skills you posses to some special things you might own.

Each character starts 10 points worth of positive qualities, and can take up to 6 more points worth of positive qualities by balancing them with negative qualities (things that may hinder your character during the game). Note that qualities can be gained and lost in play, as a result of actions taken.

A list of qualities is provided on the qualities page.

Criminal Profile

Your criminal profile is a publicly available document which includes details of the crimes you were arrested for, known associates, and any incidents you were involved in within the prison. This will be both visible to other players, and will be trivially accessible to any characters (both PCs and NPCs) in game. More details about how to create your criminal profile can be found on the Criminal Profile page.


Character Name:

* Quality (cost): Description (if relevant)
* E.g. 
* Technology (+2)
* Luxury item (+1): A pack of cigarettes I managed to get smuggled in



Criminal Profile:

Note that your Criminal Profile will be public, but everything else will only be seen by you and the GMs.

Once you have filled out all of the details, please email it to, so we can look through it and make sure that everything is okay. We may take a few days to get back to you, but if you submit it by the date at the top of the page then everything will be good to go by the first session.

1) and indeed if it is above 500 words we may ask you to shorten it for the benefit of GM reference
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