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Here we present some frequently asked questions about the game. If your question isn't answered here, do of course feel free to get in touch with the GM team.

Do aliens exist in setting?

No contact with intelligent alien species has been made in the Redemption universe. Some alien life has been discovered, including some fairly complex plant and animal analogues, but none of it has shown signs of intelligence, yet alone civilisation. Some of it has proved sufficiently tasty and non-poisonous to be food, sufficiently strong to be a useful building material, or sufficiently entertaining to have as a pet.

Is there alien life on b-Exagora?

No. b-Exagora (the planet on which Redemption is set) is barren, save for the limited life which has been introduced as part of the terraforming so far1).

Does AI exist in setting?

AI in Redemption is at a similar level to real world “virtual assistants”—i.e. not really AI, but just a well made program.

What is [place] like?

The Redemption universe is huge. There are over 500 planets in the Elysian Empire, hundreds of space stations, and thousands of mining outposts. While there will be some commonalities between places (as defined on the culture page), players have a lot of scope to define the planet, station, or outpost that their character is from. Please submit this as part of your background.

Does/did [real-world concept] exist in setting?

Redemption is set in an entirely fictional universe. The Homeworld is explicitly not Earth. As a rough guide, specific real world nations, people, events, faiths, or organisations do not exist in setting. We will generally refuse characters which attempt to import any of these into setting or directly reference them. Fictional equivalents should preferably draw on a variety of influences, rather than just copying real elements into the Redemption universe. Real world technologies, species, and philosophical concepts will generally exist or have existed, and there will normally be or have been equivalents to real world products2).

In short: you cannot play Steve Jobs, but you could play a character inspired by several 21st century business leaders; you cannot have an iPhone, but you may have a smartphone and make up an in-universe brand name for it.

Can I play [historical/present day/fictional character]

No. Adapting an existing character to fit within the setting and rules of Redemption will inevitably result in situations where the original character could do something, but the PC is unable to. Further, Redemption is a game where the kinds of characters that would be suitable would likely need significant editing from their real-life or fictional counterparts to avoid the unacceptable themes. Lastly, original characters or characters drawing from multiple inspirations are generally more fun both to play and to GM.

Doesn't [X] go against the laws of physics?

Yes. It probably does. We're almost certainly aware of this, and it's a feature of the setting. In particular, while time dilation on close to light speed travel is a thing in setting, we're not considering the consequences of FTL communication on relativity. The Redemption universe is fictional, with just enough similarity to our own to make running the game easier. This goes for both the history and the laws of physics.

Do I have to wear a costume?

No. Some players may wish to prepare a costume for their characters, but this is by no means necessary3). A suitable marker will be provided for characters with visible cybernetics (probably a silver ribbon on the relevant body part, but this will be confirmed at the first session). In particular, you are not required to physrep the collars.

Is there an equivalent to the "Hit me harder" (the "hard mode" quality) in this game?

No. The default in this game is close to “hit me harder” in other games. In many cases, this will involve wounds rather than character death, but character death will always be a real possibility.

1) which consists of the guards, the prisoners, the terraforming engineers, a few houseplants, and some algae
2) though please do not use actual brand names
3) though it is rather fun
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