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People of the Prison


Zachariah Lynn, The Warden: The Warden makes a point of greeting every arrival to the prison, but is rarely seen other than that. He works mostly in the back offices to keep the place running, but the prisoners who have encountered him have described him as creepily calm, whether he's inquiring about their work, giving them a dressing down for some breach of the rules, or backhanding them across the face with his cybernetic arm.

Serena Huang, The Superintendent: The Superintendent rarely ventures out of the officers' complex. When she is seen, she keeps an aloof air and dresses as though she were in corporate headquarters, not a remote reform facility. Inmates may have had the pleasure of transporting her in buzzers to the scientific stations. During such expeditions, she maintains her distance.

Winter Castell, Senior Correctional Officer [DEAD]: Senior Officer Castell is a formidable presence, known to all in the facility. The toughest criminal finds their match in Winter, and even the guards are wary of their presence. Their official remit is not clear within the prison, but rumours have spread that they have been put in charge of Workgroup 0.

Roald Tharaldson, Correctional Officer [DEAD]: Every prisoner will see this man as they arrive. He enforces rules and regulations. He maintains security by preventing disturbances, assaults, and escapes. He supervises the daily activities of the prisoners and ensures they obey the rules. He is a former soldier, and has been in the service of prisons for 30 years. Be aware of his gaze, but if you fulfill his tasks, perhaps you will get a reward.

Asher Segal, Coordinating Officer: A clipboard-bearing pencil-pusher responsible for the nitty-gritty of scheduling work assignments and liaising between the back office and the front-line guards. His job may not be an exciting one, but he takes it very seriously and does not take disturbances lightly or suffer fools gladly, though he's more willing than most to listen to legitimate complaints from prisoners.

Chris Kayyali, Quartermaster: Usually only seen by prisoners if they have kitchen or delivery shifts, she is notable for her unique sense of humour. Chris is responsible for the stocks of food and equipment in the facility. She guards her holdings like a miser though. If you want something from her stores you'd better have a very good reason and a double-signed order form.

Riley Cole, Correctional Officer [DEAD]: Not a particularly well-known guard, and not a particularly high ranking one either. But there are rumours that if you need something that's hard to get, even something that's contraband, they might be able to get it for you. If they like you, that is.

Dr Benedict Greco, Facility Medical Officer: Although not directly employed as a correctional officer, the doctor is a staff member and thus is able to activate inmates' collars. He runs the medical clinic and enlists inmates from various workgroups to help seemingly at whim, even offering his favourites further training. His favour appears to be random and capricious: some tell of harrowing injuries for which their victims had to plead and beg for hours to obtain treatment; some inmates are greeted with a smile and experience swift and competent medical management. But whether you have to grovel on your knees or walk in with wave, the doctor's medical treatment works.

Chef Paragon: The bombastic and fabulous prison cook. Little is known about this person. He was one of the first few prisoners, and through time and good behaviour and showing his skills, he took over the older cook and was given an promotion. He became a chef and staff from a prisoner. No more collars for him. He does what he can with the food. Be nice, and you will not starve. Be mean and blow up his kitchen and die.

Tatiana the Prison's Cat


Getting by in prison can be a lot easier when you have someone watching your back. It's only natural for gangs to form in prisons, and having a family to be part of can make this whole experience a little more tolerable.

Notable Gangs in the Redemption Reform Facility

Other Prisoners of Note

Of course, not everyone of importance is in a gang. Some get by with just a few friends to watch their back, their own reputation for defending themselves, or by being too useful to everyone so no-one wants to get at them.

Honest Hanlon: Need something getting? Need something done? Need to find something out? Honest Hanlon can't do that for you, but they know someone who can. Of course, you'll owe them a favour, which means the next time Honest Hanlon gets asked about a task which needs your particular skills they'll come to you.

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