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Creed of the Immaculate

The Creed of the Immaculate are an extreme branch of “Organics”. Organics is a widespread movement whose central tenets involve the beliefs that humans should remain in their natural state, and that the only way a human soul can reach a higher state of being is by remaining organic and uncontaminated by the travesty that is cybernetic augmentation.

The Creed of the Immaculate take this view a bit further… Members include those who believe that the best of humanity is that which remains all human, those with an inherent distrust of cybernetics, and even those who just want a strong sense of community. The Immaculate are prodigious in replicating the communal meetings and prolific social outreach programs of Organics for the benefit of those who are untainted.


“Those that have embraced cybernetics have rejected humanity. And as such are worth to humanity about as much as the bench we sit on.”

As a faction, the Creed of the Immaculate are somewhat intense. Members of Organics tend to believe that those with cybernetics could be redeemed simply by removing the offending technology, whereas within the Creed of the Immaculate there is a prevalent belief that joining with the machines causes a person to irreversibly lose their soul. Therefore, cybernetics installers are a focus of stark apprehension and murderous intent.

It should be noted that neither Organics nor The Immaculate are staunchly opposed to technology or even robotics. They simply believe it has no part interfering with the human body. Similarly neither organisation is against the use of prosthetic limbs or other such aids. Organics has poured a lot of funding into research on non-cybernetic means of function restoration and the only thing that matters to the Immaculate is that the body is not tainted by cybernetic corruption.

In the Prison

In the prison, the Creed of the Immaculate operates as a hardened facsimile of a typical Organics community. They have monthly services, regular “help in the community” dismantling sessions as well as personal counselling sessions when requested. There is also prolific recruitment involved by members of the Creed as they welcome people of all backgrounds, even those from other factions. They often feel that they can't really trust anyone who isn't part of their community. They could be one of “them”, after all…

It goes without saying that they don't see eye to eye with members of Nexus, viewing them as dangerous conspirators and beyond redemption. However, relationships with other factions appear to be as cordial as they get in prison.

Prisoners of Note

  • Aina Rabemananjara: The charismatic leader of the Creed of the Immaculate. Aina is mainly known for two things. Firstly for her dedication to the cause of The Immaculate—which she upholds with canniness and purpose. Secondly for her calm smile—which has been witnessed to remain unbroken even when administering fatal punishment to guilty apostates.
  • Manny Sousa: Manny is often seen about the prison, mainly due to his gigantic stature. An example of the apex of human physical ability, Manny is an inspiring presence at the front of a strike team and a foreboding one at the sole exit of a secluded meeting.

Attitudes Towards Other Gangs

  • Nexus: Literal scum. These guys have given up their humanity and they're trying to deceive others into doing the same.
  • The Coalition of Political Prisoners: Mostly on the level. Rights for humans is an idea we can get behind. Watch they don't ask too many questions though.
  • Prisoners of War: They're alright. A human's a human you know? As long as they are.
  • True Elysians: Bunch of suckups. Though if the target's right they can be convinced to join us with a project or two.
  • Sovereign Family: Closest thing to professionals you'll find in this dump. Just don't expect anything from them you didn't pay for.

“Why we got to work with these guys? Can't even tell what they're saying half the time.”

“Because these lovely Tel have got the drive and motivation to put half a dozen Patriot rustbuckets out of commission. All we're doing is giving them the tools to do so.”

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