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Criminal Profile

As part of your character submission, you should include a criminal profile. This is a publicly held record that guards are familiar with and prisoners may know or can trivially look up. It will describe what other people might know about your character, and also represents what the Government know about you. This includes a description of some of the crimes you have found guilty of, in particular the ones that have gotten you sent to the Redemption Reform Facility for your current jail time. It may also include details such as your profession prior to being sent to the facility.

You can be quite liberal with which crimes you have committed (as long as they do not breach our conduct and themes guidelines), but there are some minimum requirements on what needs to be included. By default, your criminal record should cover 8 points worth of qualities, although this can be from positive or negative ones. So you could choose +8 points of qualities, or you could split it, such as having +5 points of qualities and -3 points of qualities in your record. However, if you have taken one of the qualities that modifies your criminal record, you will not be covering 8 points of qualities. For example, if you take Falsely Imprisoned, you must only cover 4 points accurately.

The record should be fairly explicit about the qualities listed, and others should be able to reasonably accurately infer the qualities listed from your record. You may cover more either accurately or inaccurately, in ways which may or may not correspond to actual qualities. Furthermore, if the record covers a quality with prerequisites (e.g. “cybernetic engineering”) then your record is also considered to be covering the prerequisite qualities themselves (in this case medicine and technology).

To help the GMs review your character, please indicate which qualities you are including in your profile (this will not be visible to other players).

Example Records

Note: the use of footnotes here is designed to show how you might represent some qualities in your record. These will not be featured in your actual Criminal Profile

Tegus "One Shot" Ives

“One Shot” Ives has a criminal record going back 30 years1). Believe to be linked to a number of high profile assassinations, they are one of the deadliest snipers this side of Elysium2). When she was captured, she was found in possession of large quantities of Bliss, and it is suspected she used this to stay alert during her stake-outs on targets3).

While police have been attempting to track her down, she had evaded capture for 3 years until the recent trial4), after Telbau transmissions were intercepted, in what we believe to be an attempt to hire Tegus to assassinate a civil servant5).

However when directly engaged, she managed to kill 3 officers, and seriously injure 10 more in the brawl - it is recommended if engaging directly that extreme caution is taken, and measure be put in place even if she has been captured6).

Bo Tri Dlom

Bo Tri Dlom7) was captured during a raid on Proxi-Alpha. They were caught after a lengthy chase from their residence, having avoided capture by 6 soldiers who had surrounded the site8) until they were seemingly electrocuted by their own cybernetic stun-gun9). Despite numerous attempts to pry information about their activities on Proxi-Alpha, including a number of visits from our specialist interrogators, no information was gained10), and they were enrolled into the prison system shortly thereafter.

Alondra Gribov

Alondra Gribov was a renowned doctor11) on Mioruta-E, having pioneered a number of new techniques for dealing with some of the more lethal complications that can occur from heart surgery12). It thus came as a shock to many people on the planet when the charges for serial murder were raised against them, after a tip-off was given about recent surgical tool upgrades Gribov had had on their cybernetic arm13) and their use of Overdrive14), in relation to some complaints about negligence after a spate of deaths at the hospital that Dr Gribov was working at.

The trial didn't last long after Alondra's diaries were uncovered, where they meticulously detailed the ways in which they were planning to torture and kill their victims15), and when it was clear they showed no remorse for their actions a life sentence was swiftly given.

1) Repeat Offender (-1): This record must cover 12 points' worth of Qualities
2) Ranged Combat (+2)
3) , 14) Addiction (-2)
4) Stealth (+2)
5) Telbau (+2)
6) Combat (+2), Melee Combat (+2)
7) Tel (-1)
8) Athletics (+1)
9) Cyberweapon, Ranged (+2), Gremlins (-1)
10) Mental Resilience (+3)
11) Medicine (+2)
12) Research (+1)
13) Cybernetic Utility (+2)
15) Planning (+1)
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