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True Elysians

They're here for all kinds of reasons, convicted of all kinds of crimes, but these folk have one thing in common: they might be criminals, but at least they're Elysian criminals. And proud of it.

Whether they're true believers, trying to look good to government informants, or just in need of someone to look down on, the True Elysians make no secret of their disdain for anyone they see as working against the interests of Elysium: deserters, political dissidents, traitors, Tel, or just anyone not quick enough to sing the praises of the Government and the war effort.


A good citizen supports the government, of course, but there are always some who are more enthusiastic than others. And public displays of patriotism and loyalty are often a good way to keep out of trouble with the authorities.

None of the inmates of the Redemption facility can precisely be described as 'good citizens', or as having kept out of trouble, but that doesn't mean they aren't patriotic. Jostling shoulders every day with political dissidents and sharing work assignments with Tel prisoners of war might soften the edges of some inmates' disdain, but for others, it serves to polarize them further.

In the Prison

True believers and ideologues, those aiming to clear the stains of accusations of dissidence from their record, bullies in need of an excuse, or those looking for protection at less of a long-term cost than the Sovereign Family are likely to demand, and many more.

A lot of Elysian war veterans find their spiritual home here, as do a substantial number of those convicted of petty and violent crimes, and members of extremist political groups. As such, many of their members are heavy on muscle, but often light on education, though there are a more than a few white-collar criminals among their number - many of those convicted for crimes such as fraud find their way here, putting their skills at the disposal of the group.

They band together largely to make life difficult for dissidents and Tel among the prisoners. While many of the guards don't disapprove of that, per se, the disturbances that clashes between prisoners cause mean that work-group assignments tend to be juggled to avoid too many fights breaking out between patriots and known “traitors” or Tel.

That said, though, outspoken patriots often find themselves with a little more freedom than a lot of other prisoners: no-one wants to be the one to crack down on people praising the government, after all.

Prisoners of Note

  • Jimmy Maine: Figurehead of the True Elysians, he's a brawny, hot-tempered brawler. Though he originally came to the attention of the authorities over a series of low-level burglaries and muggings, he was ultimately imprisoned after instigating a riot that began as a fist-fight between Maine himself and a man he believed to be a Tel agent. Known throughout the prison, both to his friends and allies (to whom he is entirely loyal once they've proved themselves, and whose loyalty he tends to inspire in turn) and to his enemies (who quickly learn to steer clear of him).
  • Yuri Tanaka: Quiet, unassuming, friendly with both prisoners and guards, and somehow always on the fringes of any incident of note, whether or not anyone can recall them actually being directly involved. Yuri always seems to know exactly what's going on—both prison gossip and fragments of news from beyond the facility—and is always alert and welcoming of any new gossip they might be able to pick up. While they aren't known to snitch to the guards, any dirt on outspoken political dissent does tend to make its way to Jimmy and the rest of the True Elysians.

Attitudes towards other gangs

“How do you know someone's a lying piece of scum? You can just fucking Tel…”

  • Creed of the Immaculate & Nexus: No particular opinions either way—some of the True Elysians have cybernetic implants, some don't. That's not really what matters about a person. Whether your body is organic or cybernetic, what matters is that you don't use it against the state.
  • The Coalition of Political Prisoners: Filthy traitors.
  • Prisoners of War: More extreme patriots will espouse the creed that “the only good Tel is a dead Tel”. Even the more moderate members don't exactly like them. Known Tel are likely to be targets for True Elysian bullying, especially if they're caught 'plotting' together too much, or using their own language.
  • Sovereign Family: Safest policy is to leave well enough alone. The Family are only loyal to each other and can't be trusted, but unless they decide to back up a Tel or a traitor, it's not worth pissing them off.
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