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Magnus "The Illusive Man" Gail

Magnus Gail

Magnus N Gail, or better known as the Illusive Man, was a high profile criminal. His skills fetched a very high price across the six systems. Governments, Mafia Organizations and Planets hired his services from moving contraband to creating a strategic plan on decimating cities.

The Illusive Man has a criminal record that goes back 50 years. They are the creator of the cybernetic drug known as Overdrive, have had their hand in destructions and topple of governments, and in one report made an entire planet vanish from the star charts.

A Task Force was formed to capture him, and it took them a decade to find his nesting spot, pooling all their resources from other departments. Everyone wanted him gone, more specifically everyone wanted his resources.

He was captured, after an anonymous tip was made. He was at the Temple of Nex, on the planet Pandeia. The officers found him tending to a Garden surrounding the sacred place. He was being detained and did not resist, that was until a few of the officers walked upon the flower beds, destroying the flora, and Magnus engaged with the Task Force, killing 10 of their men before being subdued. It was recommended he need no trial and simply sent to Redemption. It is said, he made friends instantly and became the Gang Leader of Nexus.

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