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Ai Lah En Rizh Yul Vo Kahl - Katy C [DEAD]


Ai Lah En Rizh has previously been arrested for assault. It is believed that she was acting as a professional mercenary at the time, although no ranged weapons were found on her. She is known to have advanced knowledge of cybernetics, as well as cybernetic enhancements to her strength and athletic ability , which make her a dangerous opponent.

After the victory over Singh3 in 641PE, Ai Lah En Rizh was amongst the civilian prisoners captured. Zhar Ro Zhist Vrak was captured in defense of Singh3, and Ai Lah En Rizh has been subsequently heard to profess her gratitude towards him.

Whilst on b-Exagora, besides the trouble that seems to spring up around her, Ai Lah En Rizh has had a series of notable and public conflicts with Manny Sousa

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