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Darren Swift - Luke P


Dr Darren Swift operated a successful private cyber augmentation clinic specialising in custom cyber augmentations. He is highly skilled in all aspects of cyber augmentation and designed, built, programmed and installed custom cyber augmentations at his clinic. Discrepancies were eventually noticed between the number of operations performed and the number of organic limbs sent for proper disposal. He was investigated for improper disposal of biological material. During the investigation evidence was found that he had been taking the limbs and organs removed in other operations home and cooking them. The charge of cannibalism was added to the original charge of improper disposal of biological material. After being sentenced and sent to prison he dropped the facade of normality and revealed his true disturbing nature. He makes no attempts to hide his cannibalistic nature and seems to revel in it. Rehabilitation seems out of the question as he has committed several more acts of cannibalism while incarcerated. He made no attempt to hide his guilt and freely admitted to committing those acts save for pointing out that the victims were already dead when he found them and that he “didn’t want to let that fresh meat go to waste”. It was later confirmed that he was telling the truth. Having never actually killed or even assaulted any of his victims he is classified as a non-violent offender. He has shown no sign of ceasing his criminal activity and has stated openly that he will reoffend if given the opportunity. This is a continuing source of frustration for prison staff. Most people who encounter him find his casual attitude towards his crimes disturbing. He has a cybernetic hand which is suited for surgery or other intricate work.

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