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Harper Lockwood - Emma B


Former socialite and celebrated art lecturer, Harper Lockwood, was arrested on the planet Arcadia for the attempted sale of a stolen painting by the third-century master Locard, The Sculptor Abjures His Craft. Upon investigation, it came to light that Lockwood had been responsible for the theft of at least 900 other art pieces and historical artefacts, many of which had been concealed in a hidden wing of their mansion for a number of years. Under relatively light interrogation, they confessed to the successful forgery of an additional thirty-eight famous paintings - however, the true extent of these crimes remains unknown, as all evidence of their sale, and indeed existence, appears to have been meticulously expunged.

Lockwood was once hailed as number eight on the Arcadian Art Review’s list of Fifty Most Influential People, and their ignominious fall from grace generated a veritable storm of vituperative media attention. It is perhaps unsurprising that they have adjusted poorly to prison life, becoming morose and withdrawn.

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