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Zhou Ba Lan Dorh Tru - Yangos C [DEAD]


PRISONER FILE: Zhou Ba Lan Dorh Tru

DATE AND PLACE OF CAPTURE: Prisoner was originally captured on board the disabled Tel cruiser Sa Ni Zha and was identified as a sensor officer and data analyst.

PROCESSING DETAILS: Highly resistant to initial and subsequent interrogation. Apparently, particularly devout.

INCARCERATION DETAILS: Originally placed in DS-03 POW camp in 05.04.648PE; organised a prisoner escape in 28.12.649PE and was recaptured in orbit, along with thirty-four other Tel POWs. Was transferred to Redemption RF (b-Exagora) on 03.01.652PE.

NOTES: Relatively skilled as a machinery operator. Highly perceptive. Non-violent. Mostly socialises with Tel.

Addendum 04.06.652PE: Spends considerable amounts of time in the company of Prisoner I Teyk Ngalsh Kel. Prisoners appear to have developed some rapport.

Addendum 23.11.653PE: Altercation with Prisoner Yuri Tanaka. Relatively non-violent, but high probability of escalation if Prisoners are not kept separate, especially given their affiliations.

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