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Xix Chil Ah Tohr Kai Shre - Samuel C [DEAD]


Xix Chil Ah Tohr Kai moved to the Elysian Empire 30 years before the war presumably as a deep operative agent (he disputes this, maintaining that he was simply an immigrant). He is a well known and well regarded doctor and cyberneticist, able to provide both physical, mental, and cybernetic rehabilitation to patients. He was convicted of providing off book medical care and cybernetic repairs to local elements of the criminal underworld, allegedly members of the Sovereign Family, who were also convicted of espionage for their association with him. He does not have the usual Tel voting augmentation, having removed it upon emigrating.

Since getting to b-Exagora he has been a model prisoner. He is not a member of any gang and provides comprehensive care to anyone who asks for it, from POWs to True Elysians, on a first come first served basis.

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