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Jeremiah Waters - Joe E - [DEAD]


Jeremiah was once a highly respected agent for the Elysian Empire Secret Service, commonly deployed behind Tel enemy lines on missions of espionage , all of which relied on his ability to move unseen and without a trace. However, partway through a mission, Jeremiah abandoned the cause and went AWOL, an act of extreme insubordination. He has been captured on the remote space station Beta-7; he reportedly did not resist arrest. Several documents were discovered on his person upon capture, all written in Telbau and all in code once translated. Whether they are instructions from the Tel or enemy secrets he successfully stole and kept to himself, only he knows what information they contain.

Nothing else can be said with certainty about Jeremiah; it has become apparent that some hitherto unknown third party has hacked into and tampered with Jeremiah’s profile: his past records, his service record, even his interrogation report, have all been erased. Anything else not written here is considered suspect and unreliable. An investigation will soon be under way.

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