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Jonas Wellwater - Kyall F-W [Retired]


Jonas Wellwater, Male, 24. A previous intern at Amneyo Corp Jonas was a straight A student. Sadly I seems that somewhere along the line he has been led astray. Arrested on account of morgue robbing the from LarkHill cemetery and sentence worsened on account of resisting arrest. It took a number of officers to bring the man in due to his surprising hand to hand combat prowess. It seems that Mr.Wellwater has also had a number of cybernetics implanted within him, requiring a 'special' police unit to detain him. His strength has been drastically enhanced, his rather small demeanor being rather misleading. It was reported that during the arrest he managed to throw an officer twice his size through a second story window resulting in treatment for serious injury. Wellwater also has access to a cybernetic blade concealed in his forearm, This was not apparent until late into the arrest attempt as he started to grow more desperate, thankfully no officers were hurt as a result of this. Lastly Wellwater seems to have improved stamina and speed (likely due to enhancements). From start to finish the capture attempt took the better part of 2 hours, during this time Jonas did not seem to show signs of fatigue until late into the attempt. Thankfully, he was detained after an officer attempted the use of a stun grenade, A piece of shrapnel from the casing caught Jonas in the shoulder, causing him to trip and fall down a flight of stairs.

A more in-depth background check has revealed that Jonas was involved in Gang activity while studying at university. Jonas' studied Human Biology and medicine at City 19's Orves Clen university and was not involved in extracurricular activities or societies. It can be surmised that Jonas' skill in evading capture was likely due to his time spend with the gang.

Jonas has been Transferred to Redemption Reform, Although he is not outwardly hostile or seemingly resistant to guards he is to be considered dangerous on account of the numerous Cybernetics that he carries. While incarcerated Jonas has not shown violent or aggressive tendencies, he has however shown an odd skill in knitting and spends time in his cell kitting various jumpers that he has been allowed to wear under prison ruling.

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