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Vermilion "Verm" Ambrose - Jasper Rose R


Vermilion Ambrose is a native inhabitant of the orbital station Agliostos-19j. He was implicated in wide-spread drug smuggling operations through the station and down to the planet below; and was cornered due to a trance resulting from overuse of the drug Rainbow Mithra. Arrest and conviction of Ambrose helped bring in a great deal of his previous associates, who have been transferred to different facilities.

During his time at the facility, the prisoner has gone by the name “Verm”, and has spent the greatest part of his time in the exercise complex. He now regularly maxes out a number of our machines, and is at risk of causing greater wear than average use. Furthermore increased muscle mass has made Verm a good candidate for work that would be too physically taxing for most prisoners.

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