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Lorelei Wildner - George B


You wouldn't know it to look at her, but Wildner was responsible for the infamous Primrose Murders two years back – over seventy dead, all tangentially connected to a major gang, all with little white flowers growing out their eyes. Arrested after an ill-advised attempt to take over an orbital colony with her small following, in an attack which left fifty officers dead, several of which she personally dispatched – eyewitnesses report that she crushed the lead officer's skull with her bare hands. This appears to be connected to her long-standing feud with the well-known Sovereign Family operative Elena Tyrell, though in what capacity is unclear.

Early assessment of her behaviour on b-Exagora has been overwhelmingly positive, displaying an aptitute for investigation and planning that has proven useful to the colonisation effort, as well as a pervading interest in psychology. Nevertheless, guards around her frequently report feeling nervous, especially after making conversation. One officer recently quit after spending a prolonged period of time in her company, citing emotional distress. Caution recommended.

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