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Charles Richards [DEAD] - Oliver B


Birthplace unknown, Charles Richards has been known to authorities over the past 20 years however with various low level infractions and short term custody sentences. A bare-knuckle boxer of some repute in his early teenage years thanks to his strength and trained physical shape he spent some years as a simple enforcer of local gangs on Station Teth-9. During this time he came to the attention of authorities as a potential sympathiser with a number of political agitators, a link it is said he continues to this day. As a result of his physical, and often violent work for dissenters against the Empire he became known as a target in the eyes of the True Elysians and they are yet to give up that grudge despite it being a number of years since his last job with any agitators.

The details are uncertain however it is clear that in recent years those factions dissatisfied with the Empire have looked to reduce their links with Richards, a fact that has resulted in him finding employ with the Sovereign Family. This period saw him continue on in a role of enforcer and protection, more specifically under the supervision and management of one Athena Ibsen. It is within this context that he was sentenced to a stay in b-Exagora due to an activity undertaken alongside Ibsen for the Family.

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