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La Ma Ze Ko Re Li - Idan H


La Ma Ze Ko Re Li is a Tel civilian from the contested region. He is suspected of several counts of unarmed robbery, pickpocketing and burglary, most unproven. He is, however, known for breaking into the office of a high ranking military officer on the planet and attempting to steal various valuables, including the colonel’s detached cybernetic arm. He was captured when the arm’s in-built anti-theft systems activated, grabbing his wrist and triggering the alarms. The colonel, upon waking up to alarms and a thief struggling to remove his arm, attempted to capture him himself. The officer sustained a fractured femur and three cracked ribs before other soldiers entered and detained the prisoner. Considering the possibility of such an individual being useful to local Tel resistance groups, if he was not already a part of them, he was quickly shipped to Redemption. The prisoner was discovered to have cybernetic enhancements designed to assist with grip, which is believed to have been the main reason he has evaded capture thus far.

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