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Doc Harmony - Robin W


It is unclear how long the criminal known as “Doc Harmony” has been active. Any records of their previous identity, or identities, have been wiped from both the Harmony Epsilon citizen records, and the Elysian Empire’s judiciary records as a whole. The first entry into their current record is from 631PE: Doc Harmony turned themself in for arrest, implicating them as the sole criminal responsible for a mass cybernetics smuggling ring.

The recent spate of murders in Harmony Epsilon, in which victims were found graphically mutilated in random locations on their bodies, has been linked to Doc Harmony. Victims were chosen based on their cybernetic implants, which Doc Harmony removed, altered and implanted into accomplices as fresh devices.

Days before they turned themself in, Doc Harmony accessed the Harmony Epsilon citizen records, and removed both their own records and, it is believed, several other citizens’ records. In addition to this, all record of their previous identity has been wiped from all data in the Elysian Empire.

Despite their bloody history, Doc Harmony has been unusually cooperative during their trial and assignation to Redemption Reform Facility. They have been a model prisoner during their incarceration to date, though will continue to serve several life sentences for their crimes.

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