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Athena Ibsen - Peter G


Athena Ibsen has been linked to a wide variety of crimes going back roughly a decade. It is hard to establish exactly what her first crime was, as all but the last have proved impossible to convict.

Crimes linked to her have included assassinations, assaults, torture, money laundering, bribery and blackmail, theft, animal cruelty and many others.

Though the police have had interactions with her before, officers have shown reluctance in arresting her as those who have interrogated her in the past have left the room extremely distressed. It is not known what she said or did to cause this. She is also rumoured to be linked with the organisation known as the Family where she is believed to have some sway.

Upon arrival, the prison doctor did a full physical and psychological profile. It was found that she had a severe addiction to the drug known on the street as Bliss but otherwise, seemed unfazed by the change of circumstance. Approach with caution. She is still considered dangerous. Particularly when accompanied with her associate Charles Richards.

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