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Dri Po Val Nox Vas Kat Shre - Steph E [MISSING]


Dri Po Shre, a once apparently distinguished field medic, was finally captured on the battlefront of Meobos after 2 years of evading authorities. Her arrest, however, was somewhat divergent from her prior escapes as she seemed too oblivious to the world around her to notice the officers approach.

Since being incarcerated at Redemption Reform Facility—after the discovery of no less than 13 mutilated bodies of Elysian soldiers at the scene of her capture—Dri Po has settled herself in nicely with the other Prisoners of War, her disgust of the True Elysians and her willingness to heal her fellow Tel and Military knowledge gaining her great favour in their ranks. On the other hand, it is well known that her relationship with the facility’s in house doctor is violent at best.

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