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Welcome to b-Exagora. You are here because you have committed crimes against the Empire, do not forget that. That new collar which many of you will already be scratching at will serve as a constant reminder. You may be here for only a few short years, or you may remain here long after I have cycled off duty, but you will serve out your sentence and you will make yourself useful. You have shown yourself to be incapable of living in civilised society, but while you are here you will be helping to provide a new future for the next generation of Elysian colonists. What we build here will not be ready for decades, but when it is complete, there will be a lush new world of opportunities waiting for those who choose to take it. If you work hard, your time here will be easy, and you will find you come away with new skills and a new appreciation for the value of hard work. If you do not, your time here will be long and painful, and if you reoffend after you are returned to where you came from, you will find that there are always new planets in need of terraforming.

—Warden Zachariah Lynn, Redemption Reform Facility

Attention all prisoners: All work schedules have been reassigned, effective immediately. All prisoners off-base should return to their crawlers at the earliest safe opportunity. The guards will inform you of your new workgroups shortly. Those assigned to Workgroup 0 should report to the gymnasium at 1900 Standard Time for briefing.

“Any idea what's going on?”
“Not a damn clue—just got yanked out of the kitchens and told I was on laundry duty now. Heard one of the ground prep crew say there'd been some weird lights in the sky just before the announcement.”
“Yeah, well whatever did this, they'd better have a good explanation. I worked my ass off to get a line home for my kid's birthday, and they cut the damn line in the middle of the conversation!”
A loud rumbling begins in the distance, rising thunderously to a near deafening crash.
“What the fuck was that?”


Redemption is the Trinity 2017 Society Game for Oxford University Roleplaying Games Society. Players play prisoners in the Redemption Reform Facility, a prison which allows the inmates to work off their sentence providing useful work on a planet undergoing terraforming. All contact off the planet is lost due to an accident.

This game will focus on desperate, falsely accused, or just plain awful people doing what they need to survive in a system that treats them as useful tools, on a planet which can barely support them. This game will have a large PvP element, particularly compared to recent games.


For those new to Society Games, the best place to start is the introduction page. For those who have done this before, feel free to dive in to the history of the Redemption universe, find out about the prison, and the details of character creation.

This is a high PvP game with some very dark themes. It won't be to everyone's taste - have a read of the style and tone page to get some idea of whether you're likely to enjoy this system. If this game is not to your taste, we recommend that you check out Tempest, the other Society Game running this term. Please be aware that you will only be able to play one out of Redemption and Tempest.

Game sessions run on Tuesday evenings. Sessions 1 and 4 are at St Ebbes Primary School, and the remaining sessions are in the Doctorow Room, St Edmund Hall. Sessions will start at 7:30pm, and players may arrive from 7:00pm (see When and Where).

Please don't hesitate to email the organisers at You can also subscribe to the OURPGSoc mailing list at

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