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-====== Dr. Constance Belle - Serena B ======+====== Dr. Constance Belle [DEAD] ​- Serena B ======
 <ifauth @user>{{ photo:dr belle.png?​200|Constance Belle}}</​ifauth>​ <ifauth @user>{{ photo:dr belle.png?​200|Constance Belle}}</​ifauth>​
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   * Theft of classified information.   * Theft of classified information.
 <ifauth @gm>​[[user:​constance belle|Player User Page]]\\ <ifauth @gm>​[[user:​constance belle|Player User Page]]\\
 [[gm:​user:​constance belle|GM User Page]]</​ifauth>​ [[gm:​user:​constance belle|GM User Page]]</​ifauth>​
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